HPCR Digital Library of Monitoring, Reporting, and Fact-finding

This digital library aims to provide academics, policymakers, and practitioners in the domain of monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding with access to primary resources relevant to various types of investigative mechanisms, including fact-finding missions, commissions of inquiry, panels of experts, and truth and reconciliation commissions. HPCR hopes that this library — which, for the first time, assembles these documents in a single, easily searchable digital location — will facilitate further research and policy work in this domain.

Users can search the digital library by the following three fields. “Country/Region” allows users to search by the country or region in which the incidents under investigation transpired. “Mandator” allows users to search by the missions’ mandating intergovernmental or governmental body. “Date Range” allows users to search by the years in which missions operated.

The database includes missions implemented since the end of World War II and focuses on missions that have investigated violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in situations of armed conflict and internal disturbances. Also, the digital library is perpetually evolving, and the HPCR research team updates the database on an ongoing basis with new materials and these resources become available. The digital library ultimately aims to provide a comprehensive overview of monitoring, reporting, and fact-finding conducted in the post-World War II era.